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Welcome to Solarnia.com (Solarnia Inc.)

Solarnia.com (Solarnia Inc.) approaches renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biofuels, etc.) from their multifaceted angles and explore ways to affordably put these green resources and products within your financial grasp.

Let’s face it, energy is expensive and getting more so every day. We pay a hefty price for energy in terms of wars, accidents (man-made or natural disasters), human lives, etc. Fortunately, with respect to our own (personal) energy policy, we are not powerless and can all make a positive difference in our sphere of action by opting for and using judiciously clean and green energy (whenever possible).

Every little bit helps. Simple actions can range from replacing an incandescent bulb with a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Bulb- if you are not allergic or sensitive to it) or LED, working at home instead of commuting to work (whenever possible), combining and running errands at once instead of multiple trips; shopping and banking online as opposed to driving to such destinations, buying energy-efficient appliances (energy star-rated) and gadgets; to more sophisticated and costly steps such as buying a fuel-efficient vehicle-  hybrid, diesel, biodiesel, electric (How to buy your dream car) instead of a gas guzzler, installing solar panels on your rooftops, weatherproofing your house, incorporating geothermal in new constructions, etc.

What is the result? Eco-friendly environment, less CO2 emission, healthy living, jobs creation, more money in your pocket, and the wonderful feelings of having made a positive difference and a substantial contribution to a clean planet. Thanks to your Eco-conscious  decisions and contributions, we all can breathe clean air and leave behind (legacy) a clean planet for our kids (and yours) and future generations.

Solarnia.com (Solarnia Inc.) intends to do its share by carrying a wide variety of renewable energies-related products such as solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, cell phone chargers (How to charge your cell phone for free and save money), batteries, energy-efficient appliances, solar cookers, cables, wires, connectors, meters, etc. and providing great values at an affordable price.

We value your patronage and will strive to earn your trust, confidence and loyalty. We, at Solarnia.com (Solarnia Inc.), believe that a happy customer will extol the virtues of a product and the rewarding customer experience that comes with it, and spread the good news (referrals) like wild fire to friends, family and acquaintances; whereas a dissatisfied consumer will express displeasure  and dissatisfaction by letting the whole wide world know about any given nightmarish experience. A happy consumer is our best customer!

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